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hie i have an asus m4a89gtdpro which has an onboard ati card i have also installled an external ati 5870 graf card now i am not getting goood frame rates while gaming i guess my both the cards and their drivers are clashing together how do i disable the onboard and run the 5870 only with the display drivers of 5870 step by step help will be highly appreciated because i have very limited knowlegde about pc
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  1. Disable onboard video in Bios (press delete key when booting)
    Uninstall in Device Manager (in control panel - system - display adapters)
  2. disable in bios
    if that doesnt work THEN uninstall the driver for the integrated graphics.
    i've had that problem with the asus (disable in bios was enough), but recently my graphics card fried in my Dell so i gotta get a new one. *sigh*
    had to uninstall the ATI drivers for the card, and install nVidea drivers for the onboard graphics.
  3. guys i dont know the dissabling command in bios is it disbale sorround view or is it disabling the internal graphics mode option because igm mode giives me option of uma sideport and disabling option so what shall i do am getting confused and primary video shall i take d option of pci-xxx-xxx-igfx
  4. It is; "disabling the internal graphics mode option "
    use the + - keys or Pg Up Pg Dn keys to de select/turn off
  5. Thank u thank u everyone
  6. Your welcome, did that solve the problem?
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