Memery tests report bad memory. Is it or is it wrong BIOS settings?

I have a brand new ASUS M4A89GTD motherboard with new 16GB RAM installed. I tried two memory testing software and they reported errors.

Other than pulling out each module and test, how do I know if its a memory module that's bad or wrong memory settings in BIOS? I am using the default memory settings which are set to auto.
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  1. Does the asus board support your ram? If not, look up the timings or use cpu-z to see what they are running at. The listing is for half the actual speed, so 1333 is listed as 667. You may have to set the timings manually, or adjust the voltage slightly. The maximum voltage for most ddr3 is 1.65 volts. Also check your motherboard bios settings, and be sure "memory mapping" is enabled.
  2. Go into the BIOS and check the settings and compare them to what the manufacturer lists as the spec for them -- This is even more important now with DDR3 since many of the modules require higher voltages then the 1.5V spec to achieve stable performance at the manufacturers rated speed\latencies and the fact that DDR3 spec is for 1333 Mhz. so most MOBOs will default to 1333Mhz. and 1.5V no matter what the actual voltage and speed is and without resetting to the correct speed you may experience instability or will be getting less performance than you paid for !!
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