Need PC under 700$ OR RS.35,000

Hi guyz,
I need a gaming PC or a good performance PC under 700$ or 35,000 rupees

Gimme or prices.

Its urgent I need to buy the PC on 18 December 2009.
I need everything from a-z.
Rs.800 for Keyboard + mouse
Rs.2750 for Cabinet with smps
Rs.1300 for speakers.
That means AMD build with RS.30,000 or $.600 without keyboard,mouse,speakers
Gimme AMD Build.

Thank you.
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  1. You're also not going to get a whole lot of help without Newegg. It's the best site for finding parts, but you don't have to use it for pricing. Most of use will use it to find the part, and then look elsewhere for prices. Besides, the relative price (what's more expensive, what's cheaper, etc.) should be the same due to the "laws" of economics. Asking people to go away from the best site around to ones people probably don't use is NOT going to get you a lot of help...
  2. I m saying that because there are good differences in costs
    Compare and

    And please don't go away from main topic or do not reply in this topic.
  3. AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition Processor 3.1 GHz, 7MB, AM3 Rs. 4850
    Phenom X3 - 720 BE 2.8GHz, 7.5MB, AM3 RS.6325

    Gigabyte AMD 785G MA785GM-US2H 16x, 8 Ch. S, L, HDMi RS.4500

    samsung 2233w RS.8800
    Samsung 20" 2033 50000:1, DVI Rs.7400
    Samsung 22" 2233SW+ 50000:1, DVI Rs.9400

    GSkill F2-6400CL4D-2GBHK Y (X2) RS.2200
    GSKILL 2GB DDR3 1333MHz F3-10600CL9S-2GBNT Desktop Memory Rs.3,339

    512MB 4850 XFX ATI PCX-16X,D,DDR3 Rs.6375.
    512MB Nvidia 9600GT PCX-16X, D, DDR3 Rs.4725

    Seagate 500 GB Rs.2400

    Sony Box DVD-Writer 20xD Rs.1150
  4. hey buy a good psu(eg coolermaster,crossair,or any powerful ones)...choose a 5770 or 5850 with a phenom2 x4...i think it should fit in your budget.....

    check this site:gives evrything in INR:
  5. Go with an Athlon X4 Propus, it will fit your budget better and still perform very well. Go with 4 gigs of RAM not 2, as any modern operating system requires 4 to run smoothly. Try and find an ATI 4850 if you can, or a 4770, don't go with that 9600.
  6. whats the cost of GA-770TA-UD3/4/5
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