Intel i7 windows 7 64bit using too much ram

i have 6gb of ram installed and it is using 3/4gb on idle is that ok.
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  1. Vista/Win7 aggressively pre-cache data from the HD to help speed things up. This cache will not interfere with other programs as Windows will give it up instantly.

    This is what I'm guessing is going on. You'd have to check system resources to make sure it's the cache and not something else.
  2. ^^ The one issue I have with that is memory fragmentation (and the issues that can cause...). Still, 3GB IDLE is a LOT; even with all my devices, I only use ~1.5 or so...
  3. I'm in vista 64bit right now, all I've got open is IE, Itunes, CPUZ, K10stat, Windows Live Messenger, and Steam. I'm using 2.39GB but my computer has been on for days, the longer it's on the more ram it seems to use while idle.
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