I5 3570K Overclocking with CM V6GT

Hello Guys . i just want to ask how far can i overclock i5 3570k using Cooler Master V6GT . i will build a gaming pc on august . and my specs are :

CPU: i5 3570K
Cooler: CM V6GT
RAM: G.Skill RipJaws X 8GB ddr3 2133 CL9
GPU: Palit GTX 680 Jetstream 4GB
PSU: Corsair GS700(700W)

it is my 1st time to build my own gaming pc . i just want to overclock my cpu up to 4+ghz . will the cm v6gt enough for that ? and if you have any opinion on the specs i picked just say it to me i'll appreciate that :D and thanks a lot for those who will help me . sorry for my bad english and grammars :D i'm not good in english XD
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  1. I have the same cooler on my i7 2600K. I go to 4.5GHz on 1.31v. I get around 60C on Core Temp after 2 hours of gaming, BF3. So yes you can overclock. Now keep in mind that my CPU is made on a 32nm process. Ivy Bridge is 22nm. This means that you will have generally warmer temperatures with equivalent settings, but you won't need to because they use less power. You probably won't even have to get to a voltage of 1.25v to overlock to around 4.2GHz. Hope this answered your question, and enjoy your first build!
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