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I’m running Win XP on my system and I’ve been using AVG Internet Security. My AVG subscription expires in 15 days.. I’ve also been recently supplementing this with the free Malwarebytes and CCleaner registry cleaner. Something is still getting though and slowing down my system. I upgraded from a AMD X2 Brisbane 2.7GHz to an X4 Phenom II 965 to speed things up. But I’ve seen little performance boost. I’ve concluded that my system must be fouled worse than I have realized. I’m thinking I need to get rid of AVG and move to a different AV software. I’m considering Avira, Kapersky, Bitdefender or GFI Vipre Antivirus. What do you recommend? I think I may reinstall all my software then install a new AV.
I’m planning to move to Win 8 when it’s released if that should be considered.

Right now the most obnoxious problem is a site such as Intellicast will load then I'll get a black all text screen with some text that says something like www.dotoi.blahblahblah

Thanks for your advice.
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    nothing is perfect

    I am using MSE

    boot into Safe Mode with Networking
    download Rkill and TDSSkiller
    run rkill
    run TDSSkille
    run full scan with Malwarebytes
  2. ok, I'll give that a shot.
  3. anyone know where I can get XP??
  4. MSE Microsoft Security Essentials has proven to be a worhtwhile supplement to the paid AVG anti-virus package. The free TDSSkiller wants to install some junk while installing. Hence, I've been nervous to install and use it. I haven't done rKiller yet.

    I had already been using the Malwarebytes and it seems to help as well.

    My system is running better. It's Monday July 9 and I still have internet access. I must be doing ok.
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