Sapphire radeon hd 6950 overclock HELP

Alright so here's the thing.. i've done a bunch of research and have come to the fact that this gpu would be the best for what it's doing and cost wise..

i haven't yet ordered it yet... i will next wednesday night. I have all other computer components except for the gpu and windows 7 os

my specs are

i3 2120
750W ocz high performance psu
asrock h77 mvp/pro2 mobo
8gb corsair vengeance RAM
asus dvd drive
WD 500GB hard drive
x1 rear exhaust fan
x1 side intake fan
x1 front intake fan
x1 cpu heatsink
NZXT apollo black steel chassis case

I will be using the TRIXX utility to overclock but I have no idea what I should be setting the overclock to.. I need some help
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    For one it's already an oc edition card,Even if you were to "unlock"it and clock it to 6970 speeds(880/1375),the gains are only on average a 7-10%(from stock non-oc version)increase.
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