CPU temp 67c after 15 seconds of Prime95

I'm stumped on this one. Built a new rig with following:

CPU - i7-870
MB - ASUS Maximus III Formula
Video card - ASUS EAH 5970
Mem - 8gb DDR3 Gskill 12800
Case - Corsair Obsidian 800D, Case has 2 140mm, 2 120mm top exhaust and 2 120mm fans on radiator of H50
PSU - Corsair HX1000W
CPU cooler - Corsair H50 with fans in push/pull with fans as intake air
O/S - Win 7 Pro 64bit

Problem is that I fired it up and the idle temp of the CPU is 45c, ambient room temp. is 22c and the temp of the exhaust air coming out of the top of the case is 26c, (MB temp at idle is 30c, PCH is 38c and GPU is 41c).

Seems like the CPU should be cooler at idle. The radiator is mounted to the back of the case where the stock 140mm fan was, just like on the Corsair Youtube video for this cooler. When I attempted to run Prime95, the CPU temp shot to 67c in less than 15 seconds. I don't know what could be causing this. Mounted the cooler according to directions using the supplied pre-applied thermal pad already affixed to the base of the H50. With this enormus case, there is wonderful air flow and no interference from wiring. The system is NOT overclocked and has not been, but sure planned to, but no way with this issue.

Any ideas or am I not providing enough information for a good response?

Perplexed in Texas
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  1. HEY TEXAS,,If it were me I would get rid of the crap that is preapplied and smear some AC5 on there about a cigarette papers worth or two,usually they apply tooooo much with the results that you are experiencing...:)
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    Yeh, use half a grain of rice size AR5 or other quality thermal paste and use your finger tip in a disposable glove to evenly smear over chip, I find I get lower temps doing this rather than letting the weight of heatsink do this when clamping down.
  3. Dokk2,, not sure that thermal paste is all of the issue here. Started out with a Hyper 212+ using Artic Silver 5, but that had the same performance as what I am experiencing now with the H50, which is why I replaced the 212+. Just used a BB's worth of the AS5 when I installed the 212+.
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