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Hi there,
I just bought a new computer and was hoping to upgrade the video card. My question: Is there a bus speed (or something) pertaining to the motherboard that could limit the performance of a higher end video card? I ran a program that said my bus clock? was only 333 mhz. I think my Front Speed Bus is 1333mhz, and all of these different numbers have me confused. I was thinking of upgrading to a radeon hd 4890 (from a geforce gt220). Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. 1333MHz is your Front Side Bus, it's nothing to do with your video card...
    It's very OK to buy any vid card without seeing the FSB speed...
  2. Ok, thanks wa1. One more question I have is, as long as my motherboard has the correct PCI slot for the video card I want, will it be able to handle any video card with that type of connection?
  3. Yes,u can... :)
  4. Thanks wa1
  5. You welcome...
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