Graphics card or intergrated

it will be a while before i am able to get a new graphics card, so i have to ask, what should i use?

this is my motherboard

and i have a gforce 6800 in it too.

see, my computer failed in a way i couldnt fix or find out, so i had tech guys fix it.

the motherboard has intergrated graphics, which is honestly a compleatly new thing for me.

but because of complications i am re installing xp tomarrow, and want to know what i should go with, the on board or the gforce.

i know that the on board is probably beter, but i dont know the downsides to intergrated graphics.

i could use a bit of help with this before i re install so i know what to go for.
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  1. It's far more better if u use discrete card than an integrated onboard card...
  2. i know that, but this is the problem that the intergrated is possably better, because the gforce aged so much.

    that is my delema right now.

    im running knoppix right now, and there is no spell check that i can find so sorry for mispellings i may or will have
  3. There's no way an integrated card is better than discrete card...
    If u want to game then make sure you buy a discrete one...
  4. not realy gameing at the moment,

    i am planning to get a new graphics card but not untill i after christmass.

    so in other words reguardless if the intergrated is newer, my gforce 6800 will out preform it?
  5. hmm.. yes, your GF6800 is a good card, and i'm sure it will outperform any integrated card...
  6. well that makes me both happy and sad at the same time.
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