Asus p6x58d premium BIOS SETUP

I've just set up a system consisting of
M/B - ASUS P6x58D Premium
CPU - Intel i7980x
Mem - Kingston Hyperx 12 gB
and at initial setup I get the message " No Hard Disks Present"
When I go into the BIOS setup only the six SATA II disks are shown and not the two SATA III
I've changed the Marvell 9123 SATA III controller setting to ACHP and still the disks are not recognized
Any ideas anyone ?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Raid is not possible on the sata 3.0(6gb) cord, and on default bios settings the board automatically checks for sata 3 hard drive connection, if it is missing it will report missing hard disk, then it will proceed to boot normally via sata 2, you can actually fix that by disabling the marvell controller in the bios
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