Dell Dimension 8300 freezes need help

Hi I'm experiencing some problem whit Dell Dimension 8300

I used to run my system whit Cpu Celeron D 2.8Ghz now i change it whit pentium 4 2.6Ghz HT /512 .
I had 4 ddr modules 256MB all the same brand Geil Value series and same serial number.
When I changed the cpu my computer start to make the very same problems freezes couple of times restarts whitout any visible reason. On the back of the pc case there are four led " ABCD" when it freez the B one light is yellow others are green on manual section the aren't such an example.
Here is a little strange thing when system boots when windows logo appears there has to pass few seconds befor it appear bright I'm sure that i can't explained it enough so here is a little video i've made
I'm not experiencing this "problem" whit the logo when I'm using my celeron D processor.
The very same problem i have when i'm using ubuntu it restarts and freezes when i start installing some packeges e.t.c
I looked up the motherboard there are no visible problems whit capacitors.
Before couple of months i've tried to install cpu P4 3Ghz HT/1MB but same problem appeared but more often system freezes when I play Call Of Duty2 after 5 min gaming when I browsing pages or using my desktop.
The strange thing is that when I remove 4th memory module computer runs normaly till yesterday when reboots whit no reaoson for now it happend only once but...
I've run some memory tests whit memtest86+ and S&M software there are no errors.

Here are my system specs:
CPU P4 2.6Ghz HT L2 512
VGA Ati Radeon 9550 128/128 Gigabyte
RAM DDR PC3200 Geil Value x4 same serial number
HDD Hitachi 80GB 8MB cache 7200 SATA

P.S sorry for my english :)
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  1. Run the memory test with only one stick in the computer at a time. Make sure you use the same memory slot while performing the test.

    Try testing your power supply by unconnecting it from the motherboard and only plug in a fan. Use the paper clip method to jump start the ps.
  2. Did you reinstall Windows after you swapped the CPU?
    Windows XP doesn't like hardware changes especially the CPU.
  3. Tested RAM,PSU - nothing

    about reinstalling I have same problem when using Ubuntu 9.10 new installation after cpu change
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