Old motherboard and new cpu

I wanted to know would an Athlon II Regor cpu work in a ECS K8M890M-M mb? Thanks

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  1. No... Your old motherboard will not support an AM3 CPU like the Athlon II. It looks like it only supports AM2 sockets and not even AM2+ sockets based off of the ECS's website.
  2. There is not official support for any processor past the athlon 64 generation (Pre Phenom only)

    The last bios update was in 2007 and looks like it is now a legacy part and the bios will no longer be updated.

    Looks to be the fastest CPU supported is the Athlon x2 6400.

    Be sure to look at what bios you have for the Version of board, there looks to be a V1.0a, V1.0, and a V2.0.
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