Onboard ATI Radeon HD 3300 Graphics

I was wondering how powerful this graphics solution is, for temporary use. Mostly WoW and the sims 3.

I've been playing on a radeon 9800pro for years now and just wondering how this onboard graphics might compare. some benchmarks would be really appreciated.
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    Your IGP will be just a lil better than your old 9800 pro. Those games will likely be playable at low resolutions with modest settings but not well. A good cheap card that would be much, much better is the HD4670.
  2. Hmm well the mobo box says 2800 3dmark 06 score, which is funny because i wasn't expecting to find it there of all places, lol.

    I'm going to run it on my 9800pro right now and see what i get it.

    hopefully it doesn't explode =p
  3. well my 9800pro got a 495 score =p
  4. Hmm, try actually running it on the IGP rather than going by what's on the box. The difference should be nowhere near that huge. There's only a 1 tier difference on this chart;,2491-7.html
    I believe 1 tier should be about a 20% difference.
  5. The onboard 3300 can actually do fairly decent with dedicated memory or a Phenom or Athlon II chip. I used a 3200 for a while and it did acceptably well in older games.
  6. Also, I think mine with no dedicated ram and no fast Hyper-transport link (Athlon I) scored about 1150 in 3DMark06.
  7. I got it today, the box says it acheived 28003dmarks with 128mb sideport memory and overclocking. I believe it comes with sideport memory, so I'll have to play with the clocks and find out. SUrely the cooling isn't too good on those things though, I couldn't find he chip on the mobo anywhere, i assume its under a heatspreader but there are quite a few.
  8. It is part of the chip that is under the heatsink that is directly below the CPU socket (or directly above the PCI-E slot, depending how you want to look at it). That one does have pretty good cooling. My 3200 easily OC'ed to 900MHz and probably could have done more (from 500MHz stock). I think that one starts at 750MHz. It should do ok.
  9. Well I hit 2300 with mine on 3dmark 06 =)

    It's not bad at all really, surely more than enough for an average joe whose most intensive gpu use would be watching movies and aero. But for anything gaming a card is indeed a must.

    I'm playing WoW at 1440x900 0xAA medium low settings and it runs smoothly, much better than the 9800pro for sure =)
  10. Sorry to necro this thread >:) but im about 24 hours away from having my new rig up and running. Though I fully intend to purchase a high end radeon card in the future, for economic reasons ill be running the hd 3300 integrated chipset with 2x2g ddr3 1600 and a 955 BE on a 790 mobo for at least a month or two. Also I'll be running ubuntu/red hat (choice, not economic) im wondering what sort of performance i can expect running wow via wine. Also what opensource drivers would be preferable? or does ati offer proprietary driver support for 64 bit linux? I would like to avoid running 32 bit at all costs as I do a fair amount of recording and video conversion and the like, i want to cap over 4g of ram, and i am willing to accept windows 7 ult 64 as a necessary evil. I might take this to the ubuntu forums also but I do appreciate any feedback!!
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  12. update. Admittedly I am no expert with a linux based os, but after not but complications and headaches for several reasons like driver support, audio issues etc, I took the plunge and got w7 64. WoW? yeah this thing will play wow pretty damn well next to my old 915gm. It will play 360 games for pc(which is groovy cuz I have a ps3 and now i can get my ME2 on), older games like ut 2k4 and half life 2/portal at max settings. I still intend to purchase a high end graphics card but for an intermediary step on a $125 board this igp is pure sex. I also understand that the hybrid technology will boost the effectiveness of any compatible graphics card that you install in the future, meaning the igp isn't wasted after you upgrade ;) I will say again that I don't know much, but I love this igp and I'm glad I got an os that realizes its full potential. As someone else said, with a decent processor and ram backing this up, the 3300 is a great temporary solution. Of course it looks like you and I have already purchased and are using this igp, making any further speculation fairly moot, let's go play some games and let this thread die.
  13. hybrid works only with Radeon HD 2400 and 3400 series cards, u cannot use it with lets say hd5770 or other newer cards
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