M4A79T Deluxe What DIMM slots for two sticks?

I have two sticks of 2G (2X2G) G-Skill Ripjaws. The motherboard is an Asus M4A79T Deluxe and the user guide sucks. My old motherboard (A8N-SLI) had me install 1 dimm in A1 & 1 in A2. This time around it looks like they want me to install 1 dimm in A1 & 1 in B1. I would think they should both go in the same channel. Anyone with the same motherboard have an answer? Thanks for any help.
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    They should be color coordinated. Although I did read where that was not always the case, but I can't remember which board/boards that was. I would try the first 2 slots, run CPU-Z to make sure it's running in dual channel-mode. If not try slots 1 and 3 (left-to-right) and then you should be good-to-go.
  2. The book doesn't suck. I have the same mobo, just its the EVO variant. Put it in the first two slots. By the way, I run three sticks of ram, the board isn't picky.
  3. I dunno - looks pretty unequivocal to me...
  4. bilbat said:
    I dunno - looks pretty unequivocal to me...

  5. yeah yeah yeah I saw the CARTOON. Just wanted to be sure as my old Asus motherboard did it differently and you're not going to believe this but they actually included an explaination. Thanks to all.
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