my gigabyte gtx275 temperature is rise to 80C when i play game. is that the normal?
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  1. 80 is a lil high, not too bad tho, anything over 85 is bad for that card.
  2. Get yourself a better fan case.
    Make sure you have a good airflow on your case...
  3. thanks guy
  4. I hit 90C with my 275, the stock cooler is not very good.
  5. yh its not since the card is powefull nvidia should provide big cards with bigger fans
  6. They only need to keep the card at a safe temperature, not at a temperature that allows you to overclock the card like crazy. They also assume most people don't have 110F/43C days throughout the year :)
  7. 80C? don't worry about it. Video cards run hot. and 80C is totally normal. Temps always vary depending on your ambient temps. Heck my card idles at 35-37C and the way my studio is setup my desk is on the other end of my kitchen. When I cook heavily the cards idles at 45C because the ambient temps go way up.
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