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Can anyone please link me to a guide of how to overclock the i5-3550/3570k? Thanks : :bounce:
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  1. http://www.guru3d.com/article/core-i7-3770k-and-3750-review-with-z77/13

    The procedure is as follows:

    1 Leave baseclock for what it is right now
    2 If optional, increase the TDP limit of your processor to 200~250 Watts
    3 With a 3770K leave your base multiplier at 35
    4 And now set the per core (Turbo) multiplier at a maximum of your liking, we applied an MP of 49 on all four cores
    5 Increase CPU voltage, though setting AUTO might work fine, we applied 1.40V on this intel board.
    6 Make sure your processor is properly cooled (we used a Noctua D12 heatpipe cooler and forced the fan to 60% RPM)
    7 Save and Exit BIOS / UEFI
  2. From where? Where do I find that menu to OC it?
  3. Your MB BIOS.

    Check the i5/i7 overclocking stickies in this forum; this is also covered there.
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