Finished my build have a few questions

Hey guys I just finished my new build the other day and I have a few questions.

First off i'll give you the specs:
Windows 7
Amd Phenom 2 955 proc
Asus M4a79XTD Evo Motherboard
Crucial Ballistix 4GB ddr3 1600
Nvidia 8800 Gts
Western Digital Caviar Black 640 HD
Corsair 850Hx Power supply

Ok so my first question has to do with operating temperatures. At idle doing nothing i'm sitting around 28-30C, if i browse the internet/listen to music it'll go up to 35C. After playing Left 4 dead 2 for about 30 minutes she got up to about 48C. I'm trying to decide if I should redo my thermal paste or not. I put a dot about the size of a pea and i'm thinking I should have used less? I know 48C isn't all that bad but the ambient temperature in my room is only 20-22C so I didn't think i'd be running much past 40-45 at load.

Secondly whenever I minimize out of a game like Left4dead 2 or Tf2 and I go to bring it back up it takes around 5-7 seconds and once i'm back in it'll stutter around for a few seconds and then clears up and runs fine. Now I upgraded from a Amd 3500 with 1gig ram so it of course it took a bit to bring a game back up and my new rig is defiantly faster but I was thinking it should pretty much be instant since it's a quad core and i'm not running anything else other then the game and my anti virus. Is there maybe a hardrive setting in bios I need to change that'll help it access faster?

And my last question has to do with experiencing some programs/internet explorer locking up. I also had left4dead2 crash to desktop on me last night. Just looking for ideas on what could be causing this.

I appreciate any ideas/suggestions that any of you have

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  1. Your expectation of instantly jumping back from minimizing is not valid. The monitor needs time to change modes and that takes a few seconds regardless of your computer.

    I crash every once in a while, but I get a "driver failed then recovered" message when it happens.

    There is no harm in re-doing the CPU cooler, but you didnt list which one you have so it may be a normal temperature. You should load PRIME and torture test the CPU until it achieves stable temperature or if it gets over 65 you should stop it and definitely re-seat the cooler.
  2. Alright I guess that makes since about the monitor needing time to adjust, I was all worried something was wrong.

    As far as the cooler i'm just using the stock one for now. I'll have to download prime and try running it and see what I come up with.
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