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2 GPU's in Crossfire and an Agea Physx Cards

I am planning to use two HD 5750's in Crossfire and an Agea Physx card together on the GD70 Mobo. Does anyone think I might have a prob?

Vista 64 Ultimate
6Gb 1600 DDR3
500Gb Hdd
2 x 1.5 TB HDDs
Phenom II X4 965BE
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  1. Why not giving a try for the 5850 instead of putting all those problems into your computer ? It should be able to handle all your needs and even more ...

    I don't even know what you plan on doing with those 3 cards ... I guess it's for gaming so tell us what is the power supply, the screen resolution and what kind of games you want to play and then we will tell you the perfect match for your computer !
  2. What problems are you expecting?
    As already mentioned the HD5850 might be a better solution than two HD5770 in Xfire, so scaling in some situations that don't do well with SLi/Xfire might be less than hoped for and thus might be slower than a single card solution, but there's nothing outwardly wrong with the setup as listed, unless of course the MoBo doesn't support Xfire.
  3. lol. No the mobo does support crossfire.......
    Yes, the main purpose is for gaming, dunno what resolutions I might be gaming on but the monitors are a set of dual Benq HD 24 inch things with the HDMI inputs. So I guess they are going to support a high if not the highest resolutions.

    The 3rd card is the Agea Physx card..... it has no outputs on the screen, it's just a physx processor nothing more.
    and the two other cards are 5750's.
    And obviously, I can't put in one 5850..... or this would not have been asked.
  4. Is there a reason you can not use a single card to run both screens?

    HDMI and DVI can be converted to one another(well without the sound). So running the 2 screens on one card is not an issue.
  5. I'll be running the two screens on one card , no doubt about that, the other card is to balance the load, like we do it in the SLI setup.
    Well, thats going to be another issue to get the two screens to work as one.... since I'm already using a 9600 with two 19 in's on them I still can't get my movies to play across them as one big pic, nor can I get FC2 to run on the two screens as one.....
  6. I don't think that discrete agea physicsX cards are available for purchase after the company was bought by nvidia...
  7. I already have it, been using it for the past 5 years if not more, it's one of hte first to have come out into the markets Series 100 with the 128Mb thing on it. BFG's.
  8. For $20 more than two 5750's you can get a 5850. It would be easier, and you have more upgrade room in the future. I suggest just going for that (prices are from
  9. Whenever you get this system running I would be interested to know how well the Ageia Physx performs since it such an older part. What PhysX enabled games will you be using it with?
  10. Well, I'll be playing GRAW 1 & 2 again, on the rig, plus, I'll be going thru the Crysis and far cry stuff all over again.
  11. For 40$ more, You could have 2 5770s, and be much faster, preform the same as a 5870.
  12. Just a for your info. When you run two HD cards in crossfire, you can only use the outputs from one of the cards. You can run two or even three monitors off of one card weither it's two 5770's or a single 5850.

    If you are trying to utilize two HDMI cables, you'll just have to use an adapter.

    If you are trying to get both monitors to be used as one big screen for gaming, you'll need an active displayport. Again, it'll be used only on one of the cards.
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    Wow...It's like nobody reads all the information or answers the person's question.

    He said "I am planning to use two HD 5750's in Crossfire and an Agea Physx card together on the GD70 Mobo. Does anyone think I might have a prob?"

    He wants to make use of this gear. He didn't ask if he should upgrade to the 5850, 5870 or even the 5970...or switch to SLI...His Topic Description says it all.

    I want to know if it works out or if someone else has done this effectively with a similar setup.

    I have 2 x HD 5850s (upgraded from the 5770s) in CrossfireX and I still want the added Physx performance... Can it be done? If so, what can I use? I am using Crossfire and I only have 1 PCI-e x1 and 1 normal PCI Slot accessible? Can I do it with such a setup using hardware that can plug into those slots?

    What would be best suited to get this accomplished? Not looking for theorecticals...looking for responses from people who have actually done this or can point me to good articles on it.
  14. You should open your own thread, rather than resurrecting an old one of someone elses.

    But to answer your question, you can. I am using two 5870's in CF with an 8800gts as a physX card. The last slot is x4, and it works well. However, you don't have the correct slots to make it work. You need a PCIe x16 slot.
  15. if you use the last offical ageia driver you sohuld have no problems.
  16. New Thread is a good Idea...

    PCIe x4 is usually only seen on Server not sure what mobo you're using.

    I am using an ASUS M4A78T-E

    Just to clarify, I have a lot of Slots:
    2 x PCI Express x16 slots
    2 x PCI Express x1 slots
    2 x PCI slots

    But, with the 2 gigantic HD5850s the only ones left accessible are 1 PCI express x1 slot and one PCI slot

    I am curious if there is a good PCI express x1 or PCI Phyx option that wiould give good perfomrance...
    I will start a new thread on this...
  17. Let me help you with that.
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