Is 80C too hot ?

At load while playing COD MW2 maxed out my GTX 260 Core 216 (EVGA version) is topping out at 80C ad is it not overclocked, My PC Case has 4 fans, two 120mm in the front, and a bigger one on the side and top so my airflow is fine. I remember reading somewhere that even 90C is safe ?? Or is that not true ? I want to know whats the ideal temps on video cards because MW2 is the newest game I play and it isnt even all that demanding. I plan on buying Crysis Warhead from steam and maxing it out so Im afraid it might melt my GPU because im darn sure its gonna make my card work harder then it does on MW2, what do you guys think is 80C just too hot ?
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  1. no....

    Even up to 90-95C is usually safe.
  2. It's certainly warm, but well within tolerance. Just keep an eye on it in case it goes higher.
  3. I have the same video card you have. I don't recall ever hitting 80 c though. I think my highest was 75c.
  4. shoot, my 4850 used to go over its in the 90s after cleaning the dust out of ya, 80 is perfectly acceptable...gpu temps and cpu temps are quite different...
  5. as everyone said, 80 is fine. you'll know your GPU is overheating if you get artifacts on the screen or display blanks out / system restarts. that would indicate the threshold temperature was reached, and there's something to worry about

    Nvidia says that card can handle up to 105C. Not saying you should run it at that 24/7, but it is supposed to handle 105C.
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