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I have 2 WD black 1tb drives in raid 0 right now. im adding a 40gb intel ssd and was wondering how to go about setting up the ssd to hold my os and the wd drives to hold everything else.
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  1. I assume SATA. Just install your OS on the drive. Windows will make itself the primary boot partition. You can also use the disk to find previous installations and get the option to boot from them aswell.
    As for the raid 0, I am unsure how this will affect things.
  2. I dont mind wiping the drives and starting fresh just wondering what kind of raid configuration would i need in order to have all 3 drives work together but keeping my os on the ssd and all other files on the 2 WD drives.
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    Hmm. Well, I don't have any experience with raid and don't pretend to but the SSD would not be part of the raid configuration. Just raid the WD blacks. Put your OS on the ssd. Boot from the SSD.
  4. That sounds like it would work. I`ll give that a try. thx for the help
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