Samsung XL2370 LED OSD problems

Hey guys, I have a strange problem I just can't seem to fix. I have a Samsung XL2370 LED monitor I just purchased, but I cannot get the normal OSD menu (accessed from the menu button on the front of the monitor) to come up when I press the button. When this problem is happening the monitor is stuck in a color mode that favors blue tint. Occassionally after installing and uninstalling the monitor driver and rebooting the computer, the menu button then works and I can adjust the color scheme (at least I think this is what fixed it but who knows). But then after some time it will revert back to the blue tint and will not longer respond to the button pressing again. I am running Windows 7 64-bit version with an 8800GTS nvidia card and I do not have magictune installed since it is not supported by the 8800GTS. I can't seem to find anyone else on the internet with this problem and it is getting very frustrating not being able to find the cause. Any help or hints could be useful, thanks. :)

If anyone knows if windows 7 alone could be causing this let me know and I will just go back to XP.

I plugged the monitor into my roommates computer, he is using windows xp with a 9600gt card.. and the damn OSD menu button worked fine...plugged it back into my windows 7 machine and the button did not work again...hmm. Can a physical thing like a monitor OSD be affected by the OS? Let me know.
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  1. Check and make sure your Nvidia desktop color settings are set completely to default, as each time you log into windows this will adjust your desktop color settings to whatever that is set too. Also Read the monitors manual to see if there is a way to return it to its default color settings as well.

    Oh and if you are pressing the menu button on your Samsung LED and nothing is coming up, the other logical problem could just be a faulty monitor, but lets hope thats not it.
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