Fire extinguisher reservoir mod

I like modding, its just what I do,

so after the radbox was finished I looked in my brain for more ideas and thought what if I modded a fire extinguisher to use as a reservoir?
after a little research I discovered that theres a type of extinguisher that allowed me to also use it to bleed air from the loop, bonus feature and in my opinion,

I like mods that have a function, not just an aesthetic 'pretty', so the lever serving a purpose is very sweet
So heres a starter on the project, its not finished yet but it shouldn't be too long before its ready.
Disclaimer, I'll keep this simple, DO NOT DO THIS!

I took one 1Kg fire extinguisher, the refillable type, as the throwaway kind use a gas canister to propel the powder from the nozzle and will not reseal after the lever is squeezed

I safely emptied it and responsibly disposed of the powder in accordance with local regs (low hazard mat in my case, fine for domestic refuse)
and proceeded to dismantle the assembly for washing

Inside the canister is looking like its aluminium, but I'll resolve this issue later,

the actuator mechanism has a plastic tube that needs removing, I don't want the tube as I want the hole high up, not at the bottom of the res
Trusty leatherman took care of that little detail,

This spring recloses the valve for me, I'll keep that then

and reassembled,

more after a quick break,
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  1. This pressure guage will hopefull still function as well, but I won't worry if the pressure inside the loop isn't enough to move it
    its a nice visual though

    A couple of 11mm holes were drilled and tapped, the base is about 2-3mm thick so its tough to tap, it should be enough to hold though

    and the holes were drilled so that the fitting sits tight into the narrow end of the holding bracket, which will be drilled to the case using a backplate to help support

    so here I am at the moment,

    I need to line the inside of the canister, most likely with a resin type liquid to seal it and make sure that the aluminium doesn't affect the loop,
    I'll grab another of the EK Comp fittings as I only have that one lying around but its looking good so far,
    I'll take my radbox off from the main rig and hook it into that to test once its sealed and finished
    Stay tuned and remember, Don't try this at home :)
  2. I love how my mod logs turn into havens for daftness :) it makes them more snuzzley to read hehe

    my Varnish and comp fitting turned up today, its odd how one EK 1/2 fitting is completely bloody different to the next ain't it?
    oh well, I'm not one to grumble, I make the most of what I do have,

    Varnish, meet fire extinguisher,

    Duct taped up the holes at the bottom, one to stop excess varnish dripping everywhere but it also allows the varnish to penetrate the threads, addition sealing



    Its difficult to get a decent photo of it hehe, 29 shots later and I'm picking these two as passable

    I padded out the fittings and swirled a bit of varnish over them to help seal the teeny gaps between threads and line the bottom a little thicker without it leaking through the fitting aperture, probably not necessary but I like to make sure :)

    Went for a coffee and allowed the varnish time to settle, swirling occasionally to ensure even coverage,

    Finally I've looped some Xspc clear 7/16" over them, I'll be filling it before I go to work and checking for leaks in the morning, 10 hours overnight should be a decent indicator of integrity :)

    I'll leave it as late as I can though so the varnish is definitely set before throwing the wet stuff in it
    Thats it for now guys, I'll see what the state of play is in the morning I guess,
  3. I like the res and I'm looking for a solution like this for my build, but would like something I could see into don't know if a fire EX is right for me but I will give it more thought.
  4. if i had a rocket propelled grenade...or a sniper rifle that could target you. I'd shoot you down for being too creative :D

    awesome work mate! I'm wondering how you'll be reserving the alu tub/canister and yet resolve it.
  5. Ryan suggested two 90's on a side and tubing between them as a level guide indicator,
    I think its too hard to tap a thin curved surface but thats not to say it couldn't be done, maybe build up with a weld then tap that?
    or wait for some company to steal my idea and they can incorporate a view window :P
    @Lutfij, thank you for the offer/promise of extreme weaponsbased violence :)
    I plan on lining the insides with some sort of resin/varnish that I can pour in and swirl around to ensure 100% coverage but I have to find a suitable substance and haven't looked yet tbh,
    Glad you both like it though :)
  6. You could make a notch in the tank with a drill/dremel and then use some flexible plexi and seal it from the inside? Depending on the final orientation, you could also make another set of holes and follow Ryan's idea on the bottom (if mounting horizontally).
  7. I'm actually planning on Ebaying it once its tested and I'm happy with it, if it doesn't sell then I will probably work it into the Gf's upcoming W/c plan, it started as a wonder, evolved to a proof of concept, and I couldn't let something so cool not be used hehe
  8. hehehe :)
  9. I think you should also keep it functional so that when you pull the handle, party streamers and confetti spray from the nozzle.
  10. ^ that reminded me of a lil toy that was the shape of a fire extinguisher that you could use to spray ink on a person. By the time a person was done cussing you, the ink would've vanished by then.
  11. Wow man, props for the nice work, I don't know how big the size of that fire extinguisher is but you could add in some very stiff tubing to the top of it and put the "cap" ontop of that so you can always see where your liquid level is.

    < -top
    ||| -tubing
    OOO -
    OOO - Rest of the first extinguisher
    OOO -
  12. judging from the compression fitting - I'd assume 8~10 inches in length.
  13. I'll be home in around an hour so I'll measure, a cap like that would have to be an acrylic tube, threaded and tapped to screw into the body, and allow the top to screw into, it'd mess the look up if it was too thick I reckon and people looking at it would know it wasn't a real extinguisher
    Glad you like it though,
    And rofl at Rubix streamers idea :-)
  14. A motorcycle gas tank lining kit would be good for lining the inside.
  15. Thats exactly the thing I was looking for, why didn't I think of bike stuff lol....
    a fifty quid its a touch pricey, but if I was doing a few of these to sell then it'd be a consumable cost I guess
    for a one-off though, its definitely in ouch territory :P
  16. I already have some spray varnish coming, but I couldn't find anything like that over here Tool, but that and Ryans link were the liquid sealant type stuff I was looking for :)
  17. well if you do not mind working with dangerous chemicals I could teach how to make your own liquid plastic out of bottles that have been run through the wood chipper.
  18. Oh I could granulate plastic and do it that way, but my facilities are my kitchen and back yard, I wasn't looking to expend too much effort/time on the lining process though, hence the 'spray on' solution,
    I'm surprised I have the patience to wait for that tbh lol, which reminds me, I need to buy more Epoxy putty sometime :P
  19. well yes, being the mad scientist that I am, I have decimated my kitchen once, and my kids made me promise never to do that again. ( side note it was rather fun doing it regardless of the outcome)
  20. ^ ah gotta love kids for making you swear not to do things again :) [:lutfij:3]
  21. Last rebuild for the radbox included this, I modded the kitchen into the Pc hehe

    @Lutfij, no kids= no problems and more money :)
    as homer simpson said, I have three kids and no money, why can't I have no kids and three monies?
  22. :lol: simpsons -

    bart - El Barto
    homer - look! El Homo
  23. Ooops, I posted an update here, I forgot I had a reserved slot :)
    18:50 UK Time, nearly two litres of water in there to the brim, kitchen roll underneath and the initial leak test is underway :)
  24. Moto-

    Saw this in the shop at the garage my brother works at:

    Seems like the exact same concept Ryan mentioned earlier.
  25. Yup, thats the bunny :)
    the level in the tube is the same as the level inside the vessel, don't make me mod an old copper boiler into a res haha :)
    /gets leatherman out, 'I'll do it, back off or I'll do it I swear!!'
    *Edit to capitalise an 'I'
  26. Hehe, i think thats probably larger than the res itself :P
    its just short of thirteen inches when reassembled,
    I think I'll stick with the 'tap with a pen/screwdriver/sledgehammer/something on the side' to audibly assess the level of liquid, if any air is in there it will resonate differently to when its full,
    plus when the water comes out of the squirty nozzle, I reckon the res is as full as it will get :)
    I should get to finding a pump really so I can test it in a loop, too much happening this pay-period grr
  27. Mounting a sight glass is so simple, fist obstacle to overcome is making the fitting mounting surface flat because the FEs outer surface is curved.

    You hand make two metal adapters out of the metal of choice, preferably the same as the metal the FE is made out of.

    Match the curve of one side of each adapter to match the FE curve, then use a steel bonding epoxy like JB Weld, bond the adapters to the FE, after they fully cure, drill, tap, and install the 90s, and clear sight tubing.


    Ry's sight glass school!

    Any Questions?
  28. well i know how you like to keep your systems pure so when i saw this i thought of you

    and where you can but it. I have a catalog :lol:
  29. @Rubix, did your brother question why you were taking that pic btw?
    What are you doing?
    Taking a pic of the oil tank
    Some guy online wants it to cool his Pc
    @Toolmaker, I like that stuff, I'll se if I can get any over here
  30. Nah, he knows better than to ask me why I do stuff...I'm 'that kid' in the family...they learned long ago that I am quite a bit off my rocker and well off the beaten path.

    If you guys met me in real life, I think you'd be quite surprised at how strange, obscure and over the top I really am. I've been told with a straight face that I'm a combination of Dane Cook and Bill Murray and that I missed my calling as a satirical writer or a game show host for 'Survival: Death Row Prisoner Series'.
  31. :lol: i'll take you on that offer any day mate!
  32. Maybe I should have drawn pictures?
  33. You're welcome to post a pic man :)
    I did mention about building up a surface with weld early on I'm just too lazy to do it hehe,
    maybe if it was a full size extinguisher I'd do it though
  34. Well the res held up fine overnight, I just need to either disconnect my radbox to test it, or wait till I get the Gf's loop bought,
  35. I think I'll test it out when my chiller box gets here,
    I'll hook it up to the Quick disconnectors and see how it performs, then see about adding it to the loop permanently
  36. Damn...
    This is damn cool too.
    Didn't realize you guys have so many cool projects!
  37. Cheers mikol,
    we do get some crazy ideas lol, what most folks don't realise is that with enough determination and drive, you CAN make an idea work,
    See your world differently, then build it.
    the modders/engineers creed hehe
    Ps. its mostly me with the stupid ones :P
  38. Okily dokily, after a hiatus i'm kinda back on toms and ready to unleash my own brand of crazy again, Its finally time to get the F.E. onto my Loop, and heres a few teaser pics to set the saliva glands off,
    Most likely mounting points marked out

    Feed and return will be from my T-viruses for now but I'll be altering that soon enough :) Benefit here is that I can fit it without draining my loop, 20 min job tops :)

    And here she'll sit, I don't like the aesthetic really but I have nowhere else to mount it without some serious remodelling

    Should have time to get it fitted over the weekend so will post progress pics and a short vid on the functionality once its done :)
  39. Well here she is all hooked up and working, Still haven't found a Catalyser to fit in the Rig tho :P

    Two+ years of galvanic corrosion on the blank plugs from the T-viruses, although the one on the left looks worse, thats actually the sealant fot the temp sensor I modded in

    No more funnels, jugs or syringes to top up either :)

    Two years dust on the Psu filter :P
    I'll post a vid as soon as photobucket finishes processing it, I appear to have broken the laws of physics oops...

    Oh and I will be rebuilding it all in a new case (or desk) sometime this year, need a job first though
    (Might add more rads, new pumps and an Fx chip too)
  40. If you kept it cool enough Moto you wouldn't need that Fire Extinguisher. :lol:
  41. Pmsl at Ryan :-) does yu fink ai shud put teh pc in fishtank of oil in mah fridge then? Or just stop clocking it as much? Hehe
  42. Motopsychojdn said:
    Pmsl at Ryan :-) does yu fink ai shud put teh pc in fishtank of oil in mah fridge then? Or just stop clocking it as much? Hehe


    @ fishtank submerged oil PC in fridge.

    I'd rather have non-anesthetized dental surgery than have to post in that thread.
  43. Why do you think I stayed away so long my friend? Couldnt face talking down another oilcrazed loonie lol :-p
  44. rubix_1011 said:


    @ fishtank submerged oil PC in fridge.

    I'd rather have non-anesthetized dental surgery than have to post in that thread.

    :lol: So True! So True!
  45. One day Im going to do it and video it dying just to say 'THATS why not!' Might add a little lighter fluid on top of the oil just for dramatic value hehe
  46. It's been a bit quiet for a while on oil submersion...don't jinx it. :)

    Oil submersion is a lot like those work-from-home jobs that promise $20,000 per month income. If they really worked, everyone would be doing it.
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