Bios dont boot and keyboard lights blinks

Hello, i just changed my mobo on my computer that was working before i changed it, and now the computer wont power on, even the bios does not start, every fan works, no beep sound, i tryed reseting the mobo, no change, the keyboard lights blinks repeatively every second. dvd drive opens and close, tryed to change the power suply no change, tryed to change the video card no change, removed everything from the computer but the hard drive and it still does it. thank you for your help.
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  1. Reseat the memory?
    Make sure your CPU is supported on the motherboard?
    Try just the PS, CPU and RAM and make sure the internal PC speaker is attached, listen for POST Error Beep Codes.
  2. how do you reset the memory, and what do you mean by just the PS, i get cpu and ram but not ps, and yes the speaker is attached and it does not beep, i dont even get to the bios
  3. power supply, CPU, fan, memory. nothing else installed or connected.

    Re - seat the memory, meaning remove it and re-install it. If there was some sort of hardware issue (bad memory, bad video or etc you would get a Beep code).

    Sounds like your motherboard is not sending a 'power good' signal to the PSU (power supply unit), but since you have tried another PSU, I dont know.
  4. i dont know i think my power suply fucked up when i moved or something and it sends the power to the fans and everything but not the processor, i tested the power out of the 2 black and 2 yellow wires that you plug for the processor and i didnt get any volts, so ill try an other PS, the thing is that i tested 4 different and they all did the same, they might all be bad i dont get it. ill come back to you on it after i try the new PS. thanks
  5. I had exactly same problem when i changed my pc , kept just a few parts from old one , including the PSU. I've tried with a different PSU and it worked perfectly.
  6. did you know your cute haha!!
  7. so i tryed changing the PS with a brand new one and still does the same thing..anybody have an idea ?
  8. There is a troubleshooting guide designed to help with situations like yours. Take a moment to follow the link in my signature. If you have to, write down your observations as you try each step, one at a time. Don't forget to look over jsc's breadboarding guide (found in the troubleshooting guide) link.

    If after you've tried everything (yes, everything) that applies (no matter how redundant it seems), repost with what you have done; what you have noticed; what new issues arise (if any), with your system specs.
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