DP55KG not working DDR3 dual channel not working troubleshooting

Hello, I bought a brand new DP55KG motherboard with 2x4GB DDR3 RAM modules. It looks like DP55KG dual channel is not working. When I install individually each 4GB RAM modules in DIMM0 of channels A or B, they work fine; but when I install them together, POST 21 error (3 beeps) comes up.
Any help?
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  1. ive just started getting this same problem. im running an i5 750 with a asus p7p55d-e, and a pair of supertalent DDR3 1600. systems been running for about 8 months OK but problem just started recently. both ram sticks work separately in both slots. windows can run for a while but BSOD happens randomly with memtest86 failing after only 10 seconds.
  2. i have the exact same problem with the intel dp55kq only one channel working
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