It seems rather cheap (good) to be true.

I've made this build for myself and the price looks just excellent, which buffles me. I won't use links, because it's from a site in Greek, but I will post prices in euros. Keep in mind that prices in Greece are kind of like 1 euro = 1 dollar (which means we pay way more than what the Americans are paying).

Intel Core i5 750 2.66 179 euros
MSI P55 GD 65 99 euros
RAM Corsair 4 GB 1333MHz 110 euros
PSU Corsair 650 W 109 euros
Hard Drive WD 640 GB 50 euros
Sapphire vapor-x 5770 170 euros
Case Coolermaster Elite 310 30 euros
I will also put some after market cooler on the cpu to try slight overclocking and the all necessary Windows 7 and some fans for the case and a DVD-RW (or two)

All in all, I am expecting to pay around 900 euros.

I mainly use it for gaming, but I have a monitor that supports 1440x900 so I don't think I need a better GPU (unless you tell me to). I wish there was something like 5830 or 5790, because that's the performance I think I would use. I also kind of need the vapor-x card because my current 4850 surpasses 100 Celsius easily every time I game, especially in the summer.

I don't mind to go AMD, but I would like a capable processor, because I need the system to last for the next 2-3 years with only buying another gpu for crossfire, so a phenom x2 955 or something would have me at the same price range, right? Tell me your opinions.
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  1. Yes, the AMD route will put you around the same price range. Many would argue that AMD has better price/performance but the i5 750 is awesome processor that will out perform any Phenom II when overclocked.

    The only thing I don't like about your build is the case. You're building a nice computer, you should get a nicer case. Coolermaser HAF 922 or Antec 902 or NXZT Tempest EVO are nice cases.
  2. Thanks. I don't really like the case myself, but I have to cut corners somewhere, so the case takes the first hit and then the motherboard. I would love to get an Asus, but this MSI has the right price and I read a good review on it (one-button overclocking for a moderate increase in frequency...that's all I need...).

    I also cut corners on the hard drive (I have some external ones, so I won't be sort of space soon, but I would still like to get a 1TB hard drive or something).

    I might even have to cut corners on the 5770 and get a regular one and not a vapor-x one, but we'll see about that.

    But to be honest, I was expecting to get an AthlonII X4 or something and I end up with an i5....not bad....

    I am still open to AMD offerings though.
  3. That MSI motherboard is pretty decent. I built 7 computers using that and the i7 860 and have had no problems yet.
  4. At your price range the i5 is the way to go. It has really cut deep into AMDs prior dominance of the value CPU market.
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