Win 7 score gone down from 6.8 to 5.9 after pc upgrade?


I have the Kingston SDD Now 128gb SSD. While this was in my sk 775/ Q6600 system my windows 7 score was 6.8, now iv upgraded to a i7 sandy 2600k in a MSI z68 g3 motherboard, my disk score has gone down to 5.9?

I have enabled AHCI, this made no difference, and I didnt have this enabled on old system. Im running the same OS, I just changed the components.

I ran AS SSD bench and got the following results.

Seq Read 232.47mb write 143.53mb
4k: Read 8.38mb write: 5.27mb
4k-64Thrd Read: 10.00mb write: 4.19mb
Acc.time: Read: 0.421ms write 0.379ms

How does this fair?

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  1. ahh! why your ssd read'write speed is too slow it should be in 5xx mb i think you have gotten the faulty component.
  2. Hi. Not sure I understand you?
  3. send me your full SSD make/model info?
  4. No idea why the score dropped but the SSD read / write speeds look right
  5. i think changing the OS can solve this problem...
  6. Try running a system rating again.
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