NVIDIA Will Be Introducing New Tesla Fermi Based Products Tomorrow


NVIDIA’s next generation CUDA architecture, code named “Fermi” is the most advanced GPU computing architecture ever built.
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  1. so will they show actual Fermi based Tesla board?
  2. More Vaporware from Nvidia, as usual.
  3. This isn't a video card thing. It's using fermi for number crunching.
  4. I don't know exactly what will they show but I am interested. At least I hope they show some peformance numbers so we can guess at least for some base clocks or something.

    Good news will be if they reach their desired goals of performance. That will mean the Graphic Fermis could be at least in the expected clock rates.
  5. that i was waiting for, nice comeback
  6. oh, John crawled out :). What come back?

    Come back from where?
  7. That was posted yesterday, so is today tomorrow?
  8. rawsteel said:
    oh, John crawled out :). What come back?

    Come back from where?

    I ll be back soon, and nvidia too.
  9. Anyone know if the conference finished. It says it started about 3-4 hours ago?
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