Partitioning problem (Simple Volume)

Hello Simple question
I had three partitons C D and E
E was quite big so i decided to split that one so i can create fourth partition that will be used for sharing purposes...
And What happend?
I've created E and G partitions out of that one...E is NTFS and G is FAT32 (device that will be shared with requires FAT32)
and ALL the other partitons inlcuding the new ones have changed into "Simple Volume".
Now im asking is that bad for data reading performance...The OS - Win7 is fine its booting and everything...
It just bothers me cause im having slight slowdown when booting the system after the procedure....
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  1. Most drives are simple volumes. I have 6 drives in my system, all simple volumes. You only need to use dynamic volumes when you want to use software raid or disk spanning. Once you switch to dynamic volumes, it difficult to switch them back to simple volumes.
  2. Ok because previosly they where all Primary Partitions (Basic) in MS Disk Mangment...
    Now all of them are stated as Simple Volumes (Dynamic)
    If there's no performance issues then i'll leave them as they are
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