Jagged shadow and max settings palit geforce gtx 275

hi to all. i start to say to you that i'm italian, so some words can be incorrect.

I've a problem with my Palit Geforce gtx275... Excellent vga, but with some games, with some plus but with others less, i see the shadow jagged.
i've set all at maximum, i've tried to set also in the nvidia control panel, forcing the anti aliasing or the anisotropic filter, but nothing.

i see more or less those shadow:

i've catch this picture from another discussion in this category, where a member asked why the shadow in some game (ex. cod4 and assassin's creed) are jagged and not smooth, but the settings are maximum. Someone has said to try undercloking the core/shader, but not other. i've tried to do this, and also to overclock, but nothing.

so, i don't know what can i do for this problem...
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  1. Few games don't have jagged shadowing, in my experience
  2. to start, thanks very much for your attention. ehm, i play with a monitor 1280 x 1024.. i dunno what is that, but i'm sure that it isn't a sony or a samsung (the simbol is a F, dunno!). I've a AMD Phenom II x4 3.2 ghz, double alimentator (one with 350 watt for the mobo and cpu, another with 650 watt for the vga, floppy, dvd and hdd. the alimentators should have 18 ampere, but i'm note sure. In fact, sometimes cod4 freeze. in the beginning i had one alimentator with 650 watt, but cod4 often freeze. now it rarely freeze), Memory ram 2x2 gb kingstone (but, however, i'm not sure... i know that is pc6400 with 800 mhz).

    I see that my friend, who has a asus 9800gt with 1 gb, he don't see those jagged shadow. He has all similar with my things (but no the vga), but he has a monitor samsung 1680 x 1024.
  3. The higher the resolution, the less noticable the jaggies are. If he were to play the same games at the same resolution as you, I am betting the same thing would occur.
  4. JofaMang, can he play resolution 1280 x 1050 but he has a monitor 1680 x 1024?

    zipzoom, in can't tried the resolution 1680 x 1050, because my monitor support the 1280 x 1024. my monitor is nearly square, the max resolution that it support is the 1280 x 1024... however i say to my friend to try the resolution 1280 x 1024 as me and than i'll say to you how does it finish.

    however i think that isn't the resolution because i've also tried with the 1280 x 768 and others, but nothing
  5. Not sure if this will help but when I play MW2 with low shadows and no xAA I get the same jaggies at 1680x 1050. Once I turn up the shadows and 4xAA the jaggies disappear and the shadows look pefect.... But since the OP says that he still see's them regardless, then it seems like a resolution issue...

    I will test today at 1280x 1024 and compare.....
  6. thanks.. i think that you don't see the jagged shadows with 4xAA and high shadow because these settings do that job. when you test with 1280 x 1024, you'll say to me what you see.
  7. I have the same problem..with a Twintech GTX 275.... anyone found a solution?
  8. Daredevil6 said:
    I have the same problem..with a Twintech GTX 275.... anyone found a solution?

    Do you have xAA enabled?
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