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Soo I was looking at upgrading my gpu with lk a 480 gtx. But then I discovered great news my e8400 is problably going to bottle it's power. I start looking at CPUs and get even more good news that I need a new mobo to fit a new processor and new memory ddr3 (dam expensive). So I was puttin my new computer together and I choose a gtx 480 (wna run sli in the future) with an i7 950 nd one of intels x58 mobos. However I saw that amd mobos are better than intels and cheaper. So instead of selling my house to pay for a new gaming rig I was wondering if there is anything similar to intels 950 and x58 for cheaper but can still run sli with nvidia? -any help or suggestions are appreciated .thanks
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    read that article and then decide on if you need a faster cpu. you will need a much more powerful gpu to bottleneck your cpu
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