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I am just in the process of purchasing a new computer with 2 hard drives fitted and win7 installed. On my existing XP machine I have a 500gb hard drive used only for storage of photographs. It has never had any OS on it.

I would like to transfer this to the new machine but although I have only 1 main folder on it I notice that it has been gifted with other windows files and folders. Will these need removing before I place it in the new computer?. These are files such as multi letter/number folders (3 of), RECYCLER, System Volume Information and Windows > winsxs > Policies > x86_policy.

The reason for this is that something has swapped c and d drives around and it will only try and boot from what was d, a small empty eide drive used only for Photoshop cashe. I have reinstalled XP to this drive and can now see all drives but can't change the boot drive. Strangely, since doing that it shows as a dual boot with the options of XP Pro or Windows. Click on Windows and it is trying to boot Windows Millenium which has never been anywhere near this computer!. All other drives are sata and don't (and never have) show in bios. A right mess!

Thanks in advance.

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