I5 3570k Temps and Ghz

Build: i5 3570k
z77 extreme4
Asetek 550lc
So im new to the whole overclocking thing but i gave it a try today. I was using prime95 at everything stock and it was maxing at 3.6. This is weird because isnt it supposed to automatically turbo boost to 3.8 not 3.6? Also, another thing that was confusing me was the whole overclocking bios for the extreme4. Can anybody link me a video or post that explains how to OC on it? I was using the turbo30 (ithink its called) for its preset over clocking setting and i was having success but my temps were high compared to what others were getting. At 4.4 i have 60C temp and i have water cooling. I have seen various posts about people going 40C on water cooling at 4.6 Ghz. Is it possible that IBP didn't apply the thermal paste right or they maybe didnt put the cooler on properly? My last question is: Is there anyplace i can get a new back piece for the liquid cooler. It goes on the back of the mother board and the screws screw into it but on mine i cannot unscrew the cooler off the cpu because IBP stripped the plastic when they put the cooler on the cpu. I cannot seem to find a way to take off the cooler with cutting the back piece off or breaking it somehow. Sorry for how long this question is, i just have a boat load of questions because this is my first REAL computer that i want to play around with. Thanks guys!
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    That is a lot to answer, you're right, lol.

    Anyway, the Turbo "problem" isn't a problem (although something strange IS going on). 3.8 is just max single core Turbo speed at stock. What I don't really understand, is that it should have been 3.5 in Prime 95 because that's max 4 core Turbo speed at stock. 3.6 is actually max 3 core speed.

    2nd, I can't really answer your question on OC settings for that board because I have no idea myself. The basics are the same for pretty much any board though. Just find an Ivy OC guide and go from there.

    3rd, what KIND of water cooling is it? If it's a closed loop system, 60C at 4.4 sounds just about right. I wouldn't really expect to see it any less on a 3570K. 40c at 4.6 on a 3570K would be VERY uncommon, IMO, and only with a custom loop (possibly chilled).
  2. Thanks for the reply, the cooling system is an asetek 550lc which is a closed loop system. I thought i saw a post someplace were People were grtting low 30s while oc. I just felt that my temps were high compared to what some others were getting but thank you for clarifying. Lasty, do you know of anyplace i can get thr back clip for a water cooler. It has to fit 1155 because mine seemed to be assembled on incorrectly and it is broken. Once again, thank you for the reply!
  3. Low 30s... that's idle temps not load. 60C under load is quite good. Just try not to go over ~72C.

    As for the clip, I don't know who/what IBP is but you should talk to them or talk to Asetek for a replacement. That's what customer support is for.
  4. IBP is ibuypower. I didnt want to go through the hassle of customer service if i could just find the 1155 liquid cooling clip for like 99 cents someplace. Thank you for helping answer all my questions though!
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