Full custom watercooling, 1st timer need help

Ok I'm setting a full custom water cooling system for my new computer. Already purchased the computer parts and assembled, but not the watercooling parts. Here is the spec of the computer:

CPU: i7 3770k
Mainboard: Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z
Ram: Corsair Vengeance Red 16 GB DDR3 1866 Mhz Cas 9 1.5V
Video card: EVGA GTX 670 FTW SLI
PSU: OCZ ZX 850W Gold
Case: NZXT Switch 810 Gun Metal
Optical: Lite on 12x Blueray Burner
SSD: 2x 240 GB Patriot Wildfire in Raid 0
HDD: 2 TB Seagate 7200 PRM 64MB Cache
Monitor: 25.5'' LG 1920-1200 res

Was using the stock cooler of the i7 to test the system, everything looks fine. Now I'm planning on purchasing these following parts for watercooling setup (already read the sticky watercooling guide here several times and read many reviews of radiators, Cpu block and loop set up guide)

Pump: Swiftech MCP655 Speed control (read reviews that suggested this is the best pump for the price) $89.95

Radiator 1: Aquacomputer Airplex Revolution 420mm (top of the case) $95.99

Radiator 2: XSPC RX 240 mm (bottom) $69.95

Both radiators will be in push/pull config

CPU waterblock: EK Supremacy CPU waterblock Acetal $75.95 -- best CPU waterblock according to skinee review

Resevoir: Switftech MCRES Micro Rev. 2 $24.95

GPU waterblock: EK-FC680GTX x2 $225.90

Compression fittings: XSPC G1/4 1/2 ID 3/4 OD x 8 $31.92

SLI connector fitting: Swiftech G1/4 Male to Male lok seal $9.95

Tubing: Clearflex 6 feet clear tubing 1/2 ID 3/4 OD $8.70

Coolant: Swiftech Hydrx PM Premixed UV-Reactive Coolant 473 ml $3.95

Total of the watercooling project come out to be around 650 bucks, kinda over the 400 bucks that i would like to spend, but since I wanna get the best component, might as well get it the 1st time around and it will stay with me for future upgrade (except the gpu waterblock). What do you think? Is there anything that I miss or any flaw/incompatibility to this parts?

Here is the loop order that I plan inside the NZXT Switch 810 case:
Pump (will try to hide it inside the optical bay) ---> Top 420 mm radiator 1 ---> CPU ----> GPU 1-----> GPU2 ------> Radiator 2 (bottom 240 mm radiator) -----> resevoir (will be right next to the pump inside the optical bay)

I will appreciate any help, if you can make it cheaper without sacrificing the quality/performance I would also appreciate. Like I said, 1st timer here towatercool :)
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  1. give me some time to go over this and respond.
  2. I calculated that my total TDP for teh system (overclocked i7 3770k to around 4.5 Ghz) and oced GTX 670 FTW in SLI to be around 500W total. Would those 2 radiators listed above overkilled for this system? I was thinking I might be able to save around 100-150 bucks if I just buy the XSPC Rasa RX 240 water cooling kit, use the radiator in that kit as the bottom radiator and buy a 2nd radiator Aquacomputer Airplex Revolution 420 mm as the top radiator. That way I got a full system with pump and resevoir.
    Only concern is I don't know how powerful that pump in the RASA kit is and I'm afraid is not strong enough.


    I can just buy the XSPC Rasa RX 360 water cooling kit, and then buy a RX 240 radiator from XSPC to use as the bottom one. The pump included in the XSPC RASA RX 360 might be more powerful than the one included in the RASA RX 240 kit?
  3. i'd go with this 420 instead - cheaper and better performing

    bottom 240 - its ok, but might want to look at the Alphacool UT60 full copper rad.

    ditch the coolant - it'll kill your loop! use one/two kill coils and forget that they exist in your loop. oh yeah you'll need distilled water (drinking distilled)

    tubing - best to always get extra, nothing like running short of tubing when your setting up a loop.

    res - whats stopping you from getting a drivebay/pump res/combo? or maybe a tube res?

    the pump on both rasa240/360 kits are X20 pumps, they are erm okay for most users but its the weakest link in the kit. they usually fail but you could get the raystorm extreme kit and later add on a large rad + 2 fittings of your choice - cheaper for you actually.
  4. Ah thank you lutfij for pointing out the coolant. I will go with the red color tubing and distilled water instead then. The color of the coolant in the link doesn't match the overall color theme of my mainboard/case anyway (which is red/black).

    Regarding the drivebay pump res/combo, I looked at several one on performancepc but the pump in that combo is not D5 nor DDC so I don't think its powerful enough to power this 2 rads setup. If you can find one that is good and powerful enough around 100 bucks or less, please let me know.

    For the 420 mm radiator, I read on skinee lab reviews that the Aquacomputer Airplex Revolution (63 mm thick), has mounting holes for both 120 mm fans and 140mm fans and it beats out all other radiators by a big margin thats why I choose it. Btw, the radiator in your link is a thin profile one 30 mm thick one, do you think it outperforms the Airplex Revolution?
  5. @Lutfij, /Slap!
    the X20 750L is a great pump, its the 450L variant that has a questionable performance issue and that only comes in the 120 size kits, the RX240 kit has the 750L
    I have two of the 750L's in my loop Op, my run is as follows,
    first pump>Gfx card1> Gfx card2>
    seven foot run to an external radbox
    >Ex360 rad1>Ex360 rad2>Second pump/res>
    Seven foot run back to Pc
    >Cpu>RX240 rad>T-virus res1>T-virus res2>
    Return to pump/res one.

    Its a large complicated loop and the flowrate is fantastic
    I only have the second pump/res because I like the ability to run the box and main Pc separately to bleed
    I agree with Lutfij on the Raystorm kits though, they have the D5 pumps and they are good :)
  6. oi! me a slap! :lol: i can understand that coming from an X20 750L user :) but i suppose your setup is looking nice. Aside from the bay res.

    a complicated loop modo - nice nontheless, well done! [:lutfij:3]

    *these are what i was talking about:

    http://www.frozencpu.com/products/16088/ex-res-371/XSPC_Dual_525_Bay_Reservoir_-_Laing_D5_MCP655_w_Blue_LED_Light_-_Black.html?tl=g30c107s152 - remember to choose pump for this one

    kits wise:
    scroll down and the last 4 kits in that list.
  7. Thanks lutfij, that bay resevoir in your link is the one ive been looking for. Although I think its cheaper for me to buy the resevoir on amazon and the pump also on amazon separately and then put them together. 55 bucks for resevoir and about 80 bucks for bump shipped.

    Now, what do you think about the Aquacomputer Airplex revolution radiator? According to skineee lab reviews its still the best one, should I pick that one or get a different one, I notice the RASA XSPC RX 360 radiator is about the same price but it has smaller surface area (360 mm vs 420 mm) hence the performance wont be as great.
  8. according to martinsliquidlab - the alpahcool UT60(60mm), xt45(45mm) rads are reigning supreme from lower to higher end fan specs.

    so if the 80mm monsta rads from alphacool are anything - they'll be killer even on a push/pull setup.

    about the thng on amazon - your wish where you'll want to purchase it.
  9. I just found a review of the Alphacool UT60 among other high end radiators, including Gphobya 360 and 480 and also Airplex Revolution. Seems like the Airplex revolution has lower delta across the chart as compared to the alpha cool. The Gphobya 480 has the lowest delta but that is expected due to the sheer surface area.


    Let me check the price to see how they fare against each other. This review helps me tremendously in selecting the good radiator :)

    Edit: the Alpha cool UT60 is actually the same price as the Airplex Revolution. Hmm I guess this makes the decision easier then.
  10. Ok this is a revised list of the watercooling parts that I'm going to purchase according to suggestions from you guys. I'm gonna use the RX 240 radiator on the bottom and the Airplex Revolution on the top of the case.:

    XSPC Raystorm RX 240 watercooling kit $279.99

    Radiator: Aquacomputer Airplex Revolution $95.99

    Fittings: XSPC G1/4 1/2'' ID 3/4'' OD Black Chrome Fittings x 2 $8.00

    Fittings: Swiftech 45 degrees Swivel Elbow Lok-seal Adapter x1 $7.50

    Fittings: Swiftech 90 degrees Swivel Elbow Lok-seal Adapter $8.49

    GPU waterblock: EK FC680 GTX GPU Waterblock x2 $232

    NZXT Sleeved LED Case light RED $16.99

    Total to be around $650 Pricey.. but I guess its worth it

    Looping: Pump ---> Airplex Revolution on top of case ---> CPU ---> GPU1 ----> GPU2 ----> RX240 bottom of case ----> Resevoir

    How does this looping look? I want it to look clean and nice as well.
  11. could pop over to the watercooling gallery here on Tom's to draw inspiration :) looking nice !
  12. I'd wonder that the Swifty gear and the Xspc fittings were going to play nice together, are the angles absolutely necessary?
    we have a current thread where some guy has a mix of three makes of fitting and its caused him issues so I'm trying to avoid you being in the same potential situation
    loop looks nice though, and if you want it neat, hehe I know a man
  13. Those 45 degrees and 90 degrees adapter requires compression fittings as well? I thought they are fittings but are made to accomodate 45 degrees and 90 degrees bend?
  14. Yes, those type require two fittings that screw into it, you can get right angle barbs, I'll link the ones I used when I get home in the morning,
    Its better/cheaper to avoid sharp bends in a loop but we can work around any problems you hit
  15. Motopsychojdn said:
    Yes, those type require two fittings that screw into it, you can get right angle barbs, I'll link the ones I used when I get home in the morning,
    Its better/cheaper to avoid sharp bends in a loop but we can work around any problems you hit

    Can you link me what right angle barbs you are using?
  16. Sorry man, lots on RL and I lost the flag for this :)
    /searches through hundreds of receipts.......
    Here they are,
    damn I need to clear my mailboxes out hehe :)
  17. Does anyone know what I need in order to connect my tubing to this 90 angle adapter? http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=34424. It has no ID or OD so I guess it doesn't connect directly to the tube, but then what does it connect? Would this be a cheaper way of doing 90 degree bend loop?
  18. Flare01 said:
    Does anyone know what I need in order to connect my tubing to this 90 angle adapter? http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=34424. It has no ID or OD so I guess it doesn't connect directly to the tube, but then what does it connect? Would this be a cheaper way of doing 90 degree bend loop?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, I think that 90 degree adapter is used to connect to a G1/4 thread opening like from a radiator, the other side of that adapter you connect to a G1/4 compression fitting of your choice and make sure you use the same size for the tubing that fits with the compression fitting.
  19. Ok guys I'm really confused here as to what to order for the 90 degree bend of my loop. Here is the problem, I will have 2 90 degree bend in my loop, the first bend is from the outlet of the bottom radiator through the hole to the other side of the case (the side where you hide the cables when doing cable managment). The 2nd bend is at the inlet of the top radiator, basically the tube go from the back side of the case via the hole on top to the inside and go back to the top radiator via this 90 degree bend. Now for these 2 bends, what do you recommend I should use? Can I use that 90 degree angle adapter with the XSPC compression fitting ?
  20. Yes, you could use those angles, I'd try and find a 'normal' 90' fitting though, rather than have an extra two fittings in the loop,
    But if you are happy with those then by all means use them
  21. a straight 90 would impede flow, but if you made the flow a lil smoother like using some elbows to make a dual 45 angled fitting, would work - expensive but would work.
  22. I don't think I have a choice since there is very little space between the top rad and the hole to come out of back side of the case, dual 45 degree fitting wouldn't fit. A 90 degree fitting can barely fits in there. The rad is 420 mm so its a bit bigger than the 360mm in that NZXT switch 810.

    I just found the Alphacool 90 degree compression fitttings on performance pc: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=59_346_344&products_id=30693. If i use this, I wouldn' have to buy seperate XSPC Compresstion fittings right since it already has the compression device built in, right?

    Also, reading some comments regarding EK waterblock and their nickel problem, I don't want to get into that problem so I change my GPU waterblock to this: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=59_971_240_999&products_id=34512. Would this fit my GTX 670 FTW?
  23. As long as your card is reference Pcb then yes, should fit fine, and the fitting is the kind I referred to so that should be ok too,
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