800 vs. 1066 on Vostro?

Hello, is it worth paying extra for the 1066mhz cpu vs the 800mhz on a vostro 1520 laptop I'm buying?

Thanks in advance, Ted
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  1. CPU or RAM??

    If it is the RAM, NO!
    There will be no difference in performance...
  2. Hi, thanks for the quick response. As I said in my initial question, it's the cpu I'm wondering about. So what would be the benefits?

  3. Ahhh
    You speak of the FSB...

    So, your choices are between a 2.1Ghz T6670, 2.26Ghz P7570, 2.4Ghz P8600, 2.53Ghz P8700 or 2.66Ghz T9550.
    Personally, considering the price jumps between the different CPUs, I would stick with the stock T6670.
    Unless you are looking at doing some CPU intensive tasks, it will feel just as fast as the more expensive options.
  4. Thanks, your advice is extremely helpful. I'll go with the T6670 then.

    Take care, Ted
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