What is my bottleneck? video editing


I have built a computer for hd video editing and it is not responding as I predicted.

CPU: i7 920
Motherboard: ECS x58b-a
RAM: 6gb OCZ3x1333lv6gk
Hdd: 3x 500gb seagate #### in fakeraid. (100gb in raid 1 for windows (C:) and the rest in raid 0 for working (e:)) there is also another just for storage
GPU: 2x 8600GT w/ latest drivers (3x 1080p displays, 2 for editing and 1 for preview, also 1 sd output for preview)
PSU: 650w OCZ ###
other: 2x Blackmagic Intensity Pro
OS: Win 7 x64 Pro
Cameras: Sony hdr-sr11 and Canon xh-a1
antivirus: avast

Software: Cyberlink Power Director 8

I did some mixing on 42:40:27 long shoot and re-encoded it back to AVCHD. The encoding took 2:37:19. The cpu never exceeded 30%, but the load was spread evenly accross 5 cores. HDD usage, according to Resource Meter, just spiked at 1Mb/s every few seconds. Total size of the file created was 3.6GB. And over 60% of RAM was free
Settings: source E:; dest: E:; Cuda Enabled; Compression type: AVCHD 1440x1080 (HDV); very few transitions, 2 video streams and 1 independent audio track; all extra monitors disabled via windows; no other programs running that are not needed.

Are there any benchmarks that I should run and post results of?


For anyone wanting to know, the whole rig, minus the blackmagic cards, costed <$900
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  1. I would assume the bottleneck is because of your 8600 gt's.
  2. but the graphics cards are only important for transitions. at least that is what i was told at avsforms when I was building the rig
  3. What happens when you disable CUDA?
    To me, it appears you've either hit a software limitation (perhaps the renderer you're using just isn't written well) or your 8600's are struggling with CUDA.
  4. it helps a little, says it will be done in 1:30:00 and is using 50-60% of cpu and 4mb/s HDD
  5. So obviously you're having issues with CUDA.

    Also, it seems the renderer isn't as good as you might think - are you overclocking? What happens if you bump your clockspeed?

    Do you have another video editor you can render with, to be sure that it's software related?
  6. I *found* a copy of Magix video edit pro 15 just for the occasion. I will let you know when it is installed
  7. it completed in 59 minutes - cyberlink
  8. Doesn't Sony also offer trial versions of Vegas?
  9. I tried them, but previews of the timeline are very shuddery when editing AVCHD. I dont know why.
  10. So, I just posted up a question about what Mobo to use with my i7 960 and I found this.
    I never thought about the software making the rendering take for ever.

    I have Sony Vegas, but maybe should look into other otions. Sounds like you have had different results with different software pacakges.
  11. Nick,
    According to BlackMagic Design... the IntensityPro's do not work with Intel Core I7's and there is no work around. It still isn't listed on their website... but call them.. they will tell you... Also check the reviews on Amazon.com... some pretty upset people. You will have to use older processor to get the Intensity Pro's to work. I hear its an awesome card... when paired with the right equipment.
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