hi there i am not sure if this is the right place to ask but i got a used ACER ASPIRE M1610 but the hdd was broken so i had to reinstall everything and it mostly works fine now but i cannot find the ethernet drivers anywhere and the ones on acer driver site dont seem to work or maby i am doing somthing wrong. please help if you can
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  1. That could be a broken ethernet port. I've had that problem on countless Dell computers. Buy a cheap as chips ethernet card, that'll sort it out.
  2. i have noticed that all the ethernet cards come with a plug for a network cable will this item still work using a wireless usb connection ?
  3. ...okay, while that made little sense to me, I'll continue to try to help.

    Ethernet cards will NOT stop wireless from working, or the reverse either.

    If you have a USB Wireless Adapter, and a wireless network, you can use that instead of the ethernet port. If you want to use an ethernet cable, and the port isn't working, a cheap ethernet card will allow you to continue using the cable connection.
  4. ummmmmmmm well it seems that the internet would not work on it and the ethernet driver was missing (the pc is using a wirless usb adaptor to connect) but i have got it too work with a gigabyte am2+ mobo driver disc (dont know why thats working)
  5. Well, if it's working now, that's a good sign.
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