9200/x1050 running 1440x900 res

Hi all,
just trying to find out if a agp 256mb radeon 9200/x1050 series gpu would run 1440x900 ( 17") monitor.

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  1. yes, but not very well, i had a 9550 running a 1280x1024 monitor, it did it, but all of the details had to be cranked down in games and it still wasnt happy to give good performance in the end. If you dont plan to game you will be fine and it will handle it quite well.
  2. what is the max resolution you would recommend to run on this graphics card?
  3. for gaming? I usually played at 1024x768, with only 60% as many pixels to calculate it performed quite a bit better than at 1280x1024. Since its hooked up to a 17" screen for basic web browsing and what not it should easily handle the max resolution of the screen,1440x900.
  4. thanks for the quick reply,
    so you would not recommend gaming with a 1440x900 monitor. they do play some games on the pc and would want a monitor to play the games at the right resolution would you recommed 1024x768 15" monitor, do you think this would be ok.
  5. The larger monitor makes gaming nicer and general computer use easier in general, and they can just drop the resolution down a bit in the game settings. A monitor will also last for many years so rather than getting a small 15" now that will get replaced down the line, a 17" will give them usability for longer especially if they upgrade the graphics card in the future.
  6. ok thanks,
    you have been a great help hunter315 thanks for your time
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