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I'm looking to upgrade my keyboard and mouse for gaming. I currently only play Starcraft but I want the new keyboard for the best experience when SC2 is released.

I don't need a keyboard with a lot of macro keys like the Logitech G15 or G19, but I definitely want a quality keyboard.

The mouse is definitely more important to me as my current APM are hindered by my generic Microsoft mouse. I again don't really need any macro buttons on the mouse; just the standard left, right and center.

Regarding price, I'd like to keep each in the 50-80 range but that's just a preemptive price - if this is too low for what I'm looking for this will change.

Thank you for any suggestions and help!
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  1. For the mouse, I would say that a lot of it depends on what feels best to you. If possible, it would be best to be able to try out the mouse and see how it fits your hand before buying. I have a Logitech G9 and love it, but some people prefer the feeling of the G5. Razer has some nice laser gaming mice as well.

    As for the keyboard, that's less critical. I love my G15, but if you don't need the screen or macro keys, then just get one that feels good to you.
  2. For the keyboard I agree with cjl just get one that feels comfortable a game like SC can be played with a regular keyboard easily.

    As for the mouse I personally love the look and features on the Sidewinder x8. The lay out for the forward and back buttons are very well laid out and the attachable recharging cable you can use to charge while you game is awsome. no more fiddling arround for spare batteries mid game session.
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    I love my G5 mouse. But it really is more of a personal choice. I also have a G15 and love it. I don't use the macro's or the screen much, but the backlight and feel of the keys are very nice. I also like the added USB ports for headsets. I'd also recommend that you head over to a best buy or some other retailer and try a few out.
  4. i definitely recommend the g5, i also have the g500 but the feel of it just isn't as nice. The g11 is terrible though and the g110 is better, however i would recommend razer's lacosa for a keyboard
  5. Thank you all!

    I'll be sure to head over to Best Buy for some comparisons.
  6. Get whatever you are comfortable with or anything that fancies you....mouse and keyboard are a matter of personal choice...i have known gamers who you Logitech basic keyboards also
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