Help With Port Forwarding, Server 03 is the DHCP Server

Here is a snap shot of our network:

1. Linksys WRT54G Router, not configured as a DHCP Server, Server 2003 is the DHCP server,
a. The ip address of the above router is

2. There is also a 16 port DLink Switch, that our computers are connected to with the exception of the server, the server is connected directly to the router.

3. On Server 2003, ipconfig /all displays these results:
a. ip Address is
b. Subnet :
c. Default Gateway:
d. DNS Server:
e. Primary WINS Server:

4. When I click on the status of the Linksys Router it says:
a. Ip address:
b. Subnet Mask:
c. Default Gateway:

The address lease pool on the Server 2003 machine is 100. Hopefully that is enough info to explain the setup I have.

We have a video surveillance system setup with cameras, and the DVR has an Ip address and I can ping the ip address on the local network and what I want to do is be able to view the cameras off-site when we are on vacation. I can view the cameras when i am in the office connected to the LAN by typing in the local ip address of the DVR. I called the DVR maker and they told me how to get that setup, then they told me I would need to setup port forwarding in the Linksys router, so I did that with the appropriate ports. Then they told me to go to and use that website to see if the port was opened. When I typed in the port , it said connection refused. Then I explained to the technician my network setup and he said I have to forward the ports through the server as well as the Linksys router.

Could someone please help me with this? I have a account and I know how to see the public ip address of the internet, and i know the local ip of the dvr. I am just confused about what to do on the Server 2003 side.

Thanks for all of your help in advance.
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  1. In the realm of servers it's known as NAT.

    Here is a link that I think is what you are looking to do if I understood:
  2. I have read that article and it helped some, but I have some more questions. Let me see if I understand it.
    The Linksys router should be forwarding the ports to the Server 2003 machine which is acting as the DNS and the DHCP server. Then if I configure it right, the Server will forward the port request to the local ip of the DVR.

    I am trying to figure out how to configure the Routing and Remote access on the server to act as a NAT / Basic Firewall to forward the ports. I think I have a halfway decent understanding, but when I added the Routing and Remote Access the way I thought I should, it messed up the Local Area Network computers. They no longer had access to the internet.

    Is there any guidance you guys could offer?

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