Wireless vs wired?

Hello :) I was wondering everyones opinions on this topic, me and my friends we discussing this and I felt that there are not many reasons to use wired and the technical possibilities (including networking protocols) offered by each type (wired or wireless)

Does anyone want to discuss this with me?

Thanks :)
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  1. I prefer wired, due to speed and no loss of signal/connection
  2. The best wire will always outperform the best wireless, all other things being equal.

    Only two wireless stations can be communicating at any given time. IOW, access my multiple wireless clients to your wireless router is SERIALIZED. Plus wireless is HALF-DUPLEX (meaning it can't send and receive at the same time). To see just how bad it can get, try a large file transfer between two wireless clients on your local network, then compare it to two wired clients and let me know what you think.

    Wireless only has one big advantage over wire; convenience. Almost everything else is a disadvantage (performance, reliability, complexity, security, cost, you name it). Wireless is particularly problematic for gamers due to higher latency. Everyday tasks aren’t particularly sensitive to this issue (browsing, email, even downloading), but to a gamer even minor increases in latency can mean the differences between virtual life and death (at best) or a game that’s literally unplayable (at worst). That’s why gamers are so focused on ping results when evaluating game play.

    In terms of download speeds, most of the time your ISP provides far less bandwidth than either wireless or wire can support anyway. So there’s not going to be that great an impact. It will only become an issue if you have many concurrent wireless clients, all competing for access to the wireless router.

    In short, for most ppl with a few wireless clients, minimal local file transfers, and no gaming, wireless is fine. Otherwise, stick w/ wire as much as possible.
  3. P.S. And based on how many ppl can't seem to find their WEP key on these forums, I'm not even sure it's all that convenient either! :lol:
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