Kingston ddr2 800 vs 1066 help

i want to go to the store and buy 2 more GB's of ram
my pc:
core 2 duo E6600
Asus P5KPL,
some standard WD sata 160GB hard drive,
Asus geforce 9800gt,
2x DIMM 1 Gb DDR2 PC800, CL5 KVR800D2N5/1G

my guestion is - would the difference be noticeable if i sold this ram and put smth similar only with 1066mhz frequency in?
or should i just buy another set of identical ram's for practically the same price than the 1066 would cost?
if there's a better ram u can suggest - i will appreciate, but i won't go for real expensive ones,

im running vista 64bit now but will probably switch to win7 later,
(when i can afford i will buy a good ssd hard drive too - i have a feeling i'd find it very nice)

i just have a tendency of running a intensive game like gta4 or smth. and switching to windows from time to time to skype or voip phone for work haha :) etc. ... firefox and some remote connection is running in background most of the time.... and any type of speed improvement in those switching/loading moments would be great
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  1. You'll only notice a difference when overclocking, the PC-6400 can't go as high as the PC-8500, normally, you won't notice a difference.

    I've got my PC-6400 OCd at 1036Mhz and it won't go higher.
  2. thanks for the timely answer,

    also about overclocking - im not a big expert on it and seems this budget (but otherwise very nice) motherboard won't let me do much with the cpu - we tried with a friend but we couldn't change voltages so we ended up with like 6% stable increase - but if i can overclock the ram atleast - i might give it a shot, well let me know if im talking any sense here or not,

    also - what if i buy the 1066's and just combine with the existing ones i have? would they go togeter? if so would i be simply stuck with the performance of the 800's ?
    im not sure of the timings on this one - should i just look for one's with the cl5 as well - would that be enough?
  3. They would clock to the lowest RAM frequency that's provided by the two sets, so they'd both be PC-6400. I'm not sure about overclocking on ASUS board, I tend to use Gigabyte when I overclock. The overclocking board is filled with a lot of info, you should run through there.
  4. Guys i'm in trouble

    the only store here that actually had this ram on a sunday only had 1 module - so i thought since i'm alreadythere ill grab one and come back for the other some other day... but they don't wanna work together,
    everything seems identical about them .. just the new one is manufactured this year,
    old ones in 2008 and seem to have different chips on them (old ones - Elpida/ new one Kingston)
    but all 3 modules are Kingston KVR800D2N5/1G

    i tried all kinds of combinations of different slots:
    new one works perfectly fine all by itself or with any one of the old one's together, also in different slots -
    but all 3 installed - pc turns on but nothing happens and monitor stays turned off....

    would it work if i got the 4th one in or im in trouble and will need to bring it back to store?

    here are all 3 tested separately:

  5. ok - I think i just got served Big Time

    and im sure some of you will laugh :)

    the new bastard is single sided and m/b only seems to support double sided dimms when it comes to 1GB and bigger modules

    the question remians - why does it work by itself and paired with one of the double sided ones then.......?
  6. I think you should look at the ASUS site a bit more when thinking about their boards and features.

    "4 x240-pin DIMM, Max. 4 GB, DDR2 800/667 Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory
    Dual Channel memory architecture
    *When installing four DDR2 DIMM modules, install only single-sided memory modules.
    **When installing total memory of 4GB capacity or more, WindowsR 32-bit operation system may only recognize less than 3GB. Hence, a total installed memory of less than 3GB is recommended. "

    You can not use PC-8500 with that board.
  7. Pressed submit too early.

    I think the 'use only single-sided' thing means that you also can't use more than 4 banks (sides) of RAM with the P5KPL.
  8. violentlyhappy91 said:
    Pressed submit too early.

    I think the 'use only single-sided' thing means that you also can't use more than 4 banks (sides) of RAM with the P5KPL.

    this is the first thing that actually makes sense here...
    at first i confused the 8500's but no matter - these dimms are all 6400
    by the way their website is not working properly from where i am -
    takes me back to the main page all the time when i search for a motherboard, ...which is also nice
    all i got was the pdf manual from google and there in supported vendors list all kingston and other brand DIMMS from 1GB to 2GB - are double sided ..... go figure

    anyway it looks like it's time to change the motherboard... the sound card already died on my few months ago - distorted sound at higher volume, and one channel more than other, seems to be hardware problem,
    trouble is - ive got no cheap way outta this now because all the cheap motherboards seem to come with 2 ram slots now, and then it starts to make more sense to build a new pc from ground up
  9. Yeah, building from the ground up would be a good idea now. Keep that setup as a backup and head to LGA1566 with DDR3. I'm thinking of making the switch myself.

    You'll notice a difference when you make the change ;)
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