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Buying new card: 3x5770 vs 5850 vs 5870

Hello all,

I plan on building my first pc and I have found this site extremely useful. I was almost settled on a video card then some got sold out forcing me to reconsider. Anyways I'm pretty much stuck between a 3x5770 ($426 CAD), 1x5850 ($335 CAD), and a 1x5870 ($450 CAD). Here are the other computer specs:

CPU:Core i7-920
Memory: 3x2GB RAM 240-pin DDR3 1300
HD: Western Digital 500 GB 7200 RPM
Windows 7

As you can see I haven't decided on a power supply yet. So based on this configuration, what would be the best option for a video card. I am interested in Directx 11 so 2x4890 is pretty much out of the picture. I'm thinking on getting the 5850 since it is 100 dollars less than the 5870 and down the road, if I need to upgrade I can just get another 5850 and put it in xfire. Also the 3x5770 might cause some compatibility issues with some games. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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    With a lot of games I'm gonna tell you to begin with. Many games have issues detecting dual/triple GPU's (i.e. dual cards, 5970, etc.) The 3x5770 would be the best due to raw power (most fps). But the 5800 and 5900 series cards have the power of 2 5770s and are twice as fast. On top of that, a lot of cards that aren't initially designed to run with a certain DirectX will have trouble in the future with them (i.e. A card meant to run DirectX10 trying to run DirectX11 Software).

    Since your trying to go for the best thing for the buck from what it seems, I would suggest a 5850 or just blow the few extra hundred dollars to get a 5870 which I myself will be getting :na:

    Have you thought of any manfacturer's who you want to buy from?
  2. I would stay away from the 3x setup not only for compatibility reasons, but also because you'll have a machine where the CPU will be around for another few years, but your GPU options are basically maxed out unless you get rid of all three cards. If you ask me, it's almost always better to start out a new system with a high-quality single card than to crossfire two weaker ones -- it gives you more choices later.

    I think you have the right idea with getting the 58xx now and crossfiring later if needed. If you might crossfire a 58xx series card, definitely get a big PSU of 700W+ even though you won't need it all just yet.
  3. Taco is right, just would be best to start anew lol

    I knwo you're not sure on Crossfiring, so one of those cards alone would be awesome with a 500w PSU. Crossfiring would be 700w+ like Taco said.
  4. Thanks guys. Ended up getting the 5870. Can't wait until I can start putting it together. Also got a CPU fan so I can do some overclocking eventually. Hopefully it will fit on my mobo because I heard some people having to bend/cut some fins to make it fit the the 6PT. I also got the deluxe version of the mobo. I got my video card from XFX the XXX edition so it comes with a little bit of a faster memory clock.
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