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O.K. people the reason I'm on this page is because I to was thinking about hooking two computers (compatible HP towers) with vista OS on each. Almost everything I found was how to network. I would like to get them to run in parallel if possible. The reason I even ask is this. I saw on the tube years ago a special about George Lucas and Lucas Arts when they started out doing special effects. They showed a room with many,many computers and said they were hooked together and were working on special effects simultaniously. So is this possible or not? Also Cern is working on a program to link computers all over the world together called the grid where your computer can be part of the grid if left on and can be part of the computing power of the grid. So can we swing it or not?
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  1. It can be done but only if the software supports distributing load across a network. Most software doesn't, so you're stuck to a single system.
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