Real world difference between DDR3 2000 and 1600?

Here are the two types of RAM I'm considering:

G.Skill Pi+Turbulence DDR3 2000 (3 x 2GB) 6-9-6-24

Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 (3 x 2GB) 7-8-7-20

I am aware that the G.Skill set is basically enthusiast memory, it's fast and has tight timings, though if it makes a big enough difference I'd buy it. The question is how fast? Budget is not an issue, but I wouldn't want to spend extra if it's not worth it. I've tried googling it and I could only really find benchmarks that were comparing high-end memory to other high-end memory instead of more "mainstream" memory.

I'm mostly going to play games on this pc

CPU: i7 930
Motherboard: Asus P6X58D Premium

I'm going to overclock as far as I can get within reasonable voltages, will be using an Corsair H50 with two fans on the radiator in a push pull config
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  1. You won't see a noticeable difference between 2000 and 1600MHz, timings/speed/voltages are mainly important for OC'ng.
    Between those, i would go with the Corsair one because IMO its not worth pay $90 more only for having a faster speed.(Both have good timings are good,even though they differ, so the main difference between these RAMs is the speed)
  2. +1 for corsair ddr3 1600, you most you can get out of ddr3 2000 is probably a extra frame or so
  3. Memory speed vs price evaluation tool at Memory - Part III - "Evaluation and selection", toward the bottom...
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