I bought a new PC. Core i5 2550k, MSI Z77-G43A, 8gig ram etc. This mobo comes with OC GENIE. Once i go into the BIOS and click on OC Genie nothing happens. The "standard mode" option remains highlighted.

Is there a physical switch on the mobo itself for OC Genie? I have no ideas what to do and would like to experience OC Genie and over clocking options.

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. 1. overclocking utilities are a waste of time, i would suggest manual overclocking

    2. does it go to a black screen, or restart instantly, give it about 10-20 mins if it goes to a black screen
  2. I don't think there's a switch for that on that mobo, but nna2 is right. Auto OC's are terrible, IMO. Just do it manually. If you don't know how, do some reading. :)
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