New PC Build, advice needed

i am using an existing atx case.
i want to use 4 disc drives. any suggestions how i will go about that? i will inly be able to use used ata cd drives, so i need a motherboard that has two ata slots. i plan to use at least two sata hard drives. also, i plan to make this my first silent build. the hard drives i may get used. they'll probably be sata models. any suggestions on the quietest ones.
i will definitely get a new PSU, to handle my 4 cd drives. i will also need to get a fanless cpu cooler for whatever i decide to get (used cpu/mobo/ram) but i understand i may need to buy a new fanless cpu cooler.
anyone know how good of a psu ill need to handle all these drives. thanks.
also, i need advice on the quitest hds and cd drives, more based on personal preference than reviews, but reviews are cool too.
and sorry its a little unclear, but um yeahh......
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  1. You shouldn't buy used anythings. You definitely want SATA drives. PATA drives will block airflow, which will not help a silent PC. The best HDD right now are the Samsung Spinpoint F3. It's also cheap ($55 for 500 GB, $85 for 1 TB).

    You do not want a fanless CPU cooler. That is a huge mistake that WILL cost you in the end.

    Opticals and HDD do not use a lot of power. Any PSU with decent head space coule be used. If you're using 1 (new) GPU, 550W will be enough. If you're using 2 (new) GPUs in Crossfire/SLI, 650W should do it, 750W will definitely do it. Stick with the major brands (Corsair, OCZ, Antec Earthwatts).
  2. There's nothing at all wrong with using a fanless cooler, if you know what your doing. If you are building what will be strictly an HTPC, you can underclock a CPU just to the point of being able to process HD video. Then a fanless cooler makes sense. Otherwise, no.

    Power supplies - my choice of a PSU for a system with a single video card is the Corsair 550VX:

    Two video cards, get the 750TX.
  3. fanless coolers are HUGE!!!!!!!!!
    why u need 4 cd drives?
  4. crazy359 said:
    fanless coolers are HUGE!!!!!!!!!
    why u need 4 cd drives?

    My cousin has 8 CD drives. He pirates movies and sells them for $5 on the street corner
  5. good idea, i mean selling the cds for 5 bucks. is he also a male hooker, as thats what people usually do on the corner.
    i actually need only 2 cd drives.
    you think a corsair 400w would work? its cheaper
  6. yea well tell ur cuz he can go to jail for that
  7. crazy359 said:
    yea well tell ur cuz he can go to jail for that

    I've been telling him that. He could give a rat's ass. He's an uneducated janitor muthaphucka. I could care less what he does.
  8. ok then...
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