Hard driving making clicking noise, even after it comes up clean...

I ran WD data life guard scans on my hard drive to see if the there was a problem with my drives. Everything comes up clean. I have had a lot of clicking noises coming from one of my four drives. After I ran a chdsk on all the drives it sounded like the noise went away. Then today it was back again. All scans come up clean, however I have read about the click of death and other things relating to hard drive ticks. Everything I have read sounds a little bit scary. I am not sure what to do because the drives come up clean on any scans I do. I think that one of my drives might be going bad but I don't have any proof. The clicks are not normal I think, and they were not there when I bought the hard drives. So I guess that this could be a sign of things to come. Any input?
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  1. I have the same problem. What ever happened to your drives?
  2. Chkdsk only scans for errors in the file system and bad sectors afaik. A clean result thus doesn't necessarily mean your drive is alright.

    Download a tool that is translating S.M.A.R.T. data (google hdd smart monitor or similar) for the user and see if it can tell you anything more specific.

  3. Well everything is fine so far but some days the ticking is back. Some days its gone... I read that a lack of power can cause this. I have a 1250W power supply so I can rule that out. I should probably try a firmware up date. I have four drives all WD drives. I am certain that only one of them makes the noise. I but its hard to test. It seems like the ticking noise only comes up when the computer has been idle for long periods of time. I will continue to monitor and maybe run some more tests. I don't want to lose my data but I don't have storage space to back up all my files. Not sure what I am going to do. =(
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