Ok now I am ready to upgrade my video card in my Dell XPS420


Now that I understand that I can upgrade my Dell, I want to get a better handle on what cards are out today. I haven't looked into video cards since the early spring and it seems a lot has changed.

For my Dell XPS 420 with the Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHZ 2.39 GHZ  4 Gig Ram. I am going to get a 500-600 watt power supply.

I read about the New Nvidia 220 cards. Please give me some good choices about which cards that Nvidia and ATi make that would be good for these games:

Diablo 2, Star Craft 2, WOW, LOTR Online, LOTR RTS, RTS games in general, CYSIS, FPS.

I will upgrade later next year to a better CPU and MB and GPU if I do not get a very good one now.

I am looking to stay under 200 dollars for the GPU now.

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  1. What card do you have right now? How much do you want to spend ?
    What resolution monitor ? For 20 inch montitor at 1650 x 1XXX
    ATI has released a new gpu based on a 4890 die, (with less stream processors)
    Its called 4860---- http://www.fudzilla.com/content/view/16851/34/
    For 130.00 dollars seems like a very good price. A 4770 is 100-115. Both will give excellent performance. For Nvdia a gts 250 is 110.00 at Newegg right now , thats a good card at that price.
    If you want to go DX 11 ATI's new cards, the 5770 is as fast as anything listed above, probably the fastest in some games ,but thats about 170.00
  2. Best Graphics cards for the money:


    However, a stock Q6600 is going to limit you to anything below high end, as it's not fast enough at stock speeds.
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