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Which motherboard and ram should i get for the core i7 930??
I'm limited to Gskill and I was looking forward toward a trident 2000Mhz 99924 kit. Is it stable and should I get it?

In motherboard I was looking forward for either MSI BigBang XPower or Asus P6X58D Premium. Is there any other option?? I can't afford rampage III so if these are the best options which one should I get??
I have a msi 5870 lightning.
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  1. Go with ASUS P6X58D Premium and a 1600MHz RAM CL8, because the difference between 1600 and 2000 isn't much and you can get a good OC with a 1600MHz RAM, here is a good choice
  2. I'm planing not to spend whole of the money on the board. In my country both the boards are very costly and if I buy the MSI Pro E I can save money from which i can easily buy an SSD. Would you recommend buying that board??
  3. But i also don't want to make my CPU unstable. I'll definitely raise the base clock to 200.
  4. Well that MSI is good too, if you can't afford ASUS P6X58D Premium then have a look at ASUS P6X58D-E,its about $60 cheaper, but if you can't get it, then either go for the MSI one or tell us your budget, because we maybe able to find a better board.
  5. I've decided to go with the Asus Rampage III Gene. In my country corsair is very tough to get. But I'm still trying so if it's available I'll buy it, if not I'll go with this one.

    Should I get both of these??
  6. Yes they are good.
  7. Need your help again. Should I get 3x1 gb ram???
    The thing is it's sure that I'll be using an intel x25 M. So do you think that 6 gb will make a big diff in game performance??? The reason for asking this is I've read many times that putting ssd is like adding physical ext. to ram. I'll save save around $100 on that including taxes.
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    SSD makes a difference in boot times and load times,it doesn't affect the FPS you get.
    Some games benefit from more than 2GB of RAM,so i recommend you going with 6GB RAM and get a SSD later.
  9. Okay..
    Thanks for the Help :D
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